Doug Patt, AIA

is an architect, author, artist, entrepreneur and teacher and his enthusiasm for all of them is contagious. 


Years in the Architecture Business


Subscribers on YouTube

Doug is a registered architect who works on high end residential projects. He is adept in both traditional and contemporary architecture and loves when those two worlds come together. He has a YouTube channel devoted to teaching architecture with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of video views. He has worked on projects published in professional journals and honored with national awards

Doug has written a number of books one of which is a top selling book with MIT Press called 'How to Architect.' 

Doug is a classically trained painter with expertise in color theory. Early in his career he loved working oil on canvas. Today his art is created in Illustrator, CAD and Photoshop. His recent series are entitled "Unlikely Architecture" and Factitecture

Doug is an inventor with consumer products, such as the Architect's Birdfeeder, which he as taken to market. Doug sold a business based on patented intellectual property and has a couple of patents in his name. Doug loves to share his experience in taking ideas to the consumer market and has mentored other entrepreneurs in their quest to be successful.

Doug's passion is to teach and share his expertise and passion for architecture. He has an online academy "The Architect's Academy" with hundreds of hours of content. Doug developed a mentor program to provide a one-to-one consultative environment for young adults navigating their school and career decisions.

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